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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Toddler Magnet Tray

My 16-month-old LOVES pulling all the magnets and photos off the fridge, so this week I decided to make her her own magnet tray.

Supplies- Old metal shallow pan or a cheap new one (the one I used was used once for a super bowl party- it once was green and decorated like a football field, from where else but the dollar bin at TARGET), spray paint,  paper cutouts and/or embellishments, mod podge, old magnets.

The picture pretty much says it all. You just need to spraypaint the pan and mod podge on the scraps/photos/embellishments to make it pretty.

When my daughter gets a little bit older I will trace the letters of her name with the abc letter magnets, and put those magnets on the tray to have her fit the magnets in the corresponding outline like a puzzle of sorts.

I just gave it to her about 20 minutes ago but she hasn't put it down since. Pulling the magnets on and off and moving them around the tray.

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