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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Stuff I've been up to lately.

With Father's Day and a milestone birthday celebration so far this month, I've also been busy learning how to use my Silhouette. Here are a few little easy projects I've done.

 Embelished placemat for birthday dinner.

Cutesy items in a bucket for the same birhtday. "A watch for always having time for me" and "Smarties because you are oh so smart" etc. More examples and ideas for similar "kits" here. Includes hundreds ideas for specific people and gifts including new mom, coach, teacher, fireman, bride, cheerleader etc etc  etc

Three part frame for my husband including photos of both of his daughter's on their first birthdays

We won this silly plastic tie with an elastic necklace so it can actually be worn at a carnival, and I knew I would need to use it for something someday. We are going to make my dad wear it at church tommorow.

I couldn't beleive it when Target had this full toddler golf set in their $2.50 bargain bin. Although P isn't quite ready to play with it, I couldn't pass it up as a "gift" for her golf loving dad. The tag is one of the free printables on my previous post, saying "You're a TEErific Dad."
My version of the "Make a Wish" card referenced on a previous post.

In addition I've spray painted the base coat for Peyton's Redskins Chair im working on, and the crate I'm using to make a name wall hanging that is also going to store seashells Im collecting. I'm going to start saving one shell from each time we go to the beach, and write the location and date it was collected with a sharpie. In addition, depending on if there is room based on the shell, I will write something memorable at that beach trip. For instance, all of my current shells are from my honeymoon. Perhaps I will write something funny to remember like BANANA BOAT ADVENTURE on the shell I select from that trip. The finished product of this crate will be a cross between this and this.

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