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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Benefits of Caffeine Addiction

Ah, I figured out the perfect time to work on this thing, during my mandated 30 minute lunch at work! Excellent!

I received my first issue of Parents Magazine yesterday, a subscription I purchased using My Coke Rewards. It's nice to get something back from the hundreds of dollars I spend a year on Diet Soda. And it's a good gimmick for them too- they have totally switched me from purchasing Pepsi-Max or Pepsi-One, to someone who only buys Coke Zero and Diet Coke!

I also have a subscription to Ready Made on the way, and constantly have credits for free Snapfish photos and gifts (great at Christmas time!).

Anyways, no I am not a paid sponsor for Coke, I just think that if you haven't taken them up on this yet, you need to start saving your lids/boxes. If not for yourself, then for me! (I'm currently saving up for a subscription to Martha Stewart's Living).

So here are some topics to come....early projects, lady-bug birthday party, and a review of my upcoming trip to Pottsville/Lancaster PA.

In the meantime, I continue working on my customized Guess Who (no template needed)
and Monopoly (template at the link needed)

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