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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lancaster and Beyond

Friday/Saturday I left Peyton overnight for the first time ever, and went on a trip with my friend Jocy. We had planned several stops around southcentral PA. Our first stop was Pottsville PA to the Yuengling Factory.

Very interesting tour. We even got 2 free beers at the end! I got to wear nifty yellow adidas superstars as I had worn flip flops- a big no no as in the tour there is no glass, you are right there on the brewing/bottling floor!

We got to see a prohibition wall built by the US Government in the Yuengling's Cave.

Things I didn't know about Yuengling:
*It is fifth generation family owned
*They made ice cream from 1920 (during prohibition)- 1985.
*Light beer is just distilled for a longer period.
*Yuengling is a regional beer, sold only on the east coast.

After that, we headed over to Shartlesville PA to see Roadside America, the world's largest indoor miniature village. I couldn't help but think of my grandfather and his trains.

There was a sign for "Authentic Amish Food" getting of the exit in Shartlesville so we decided to try it out as "When in Rome..." unfortunately this Authentic Amish Food was served in a large room kind of like an elementary school cafeteria, in which we were the only two people. The decor smelled of 1960, and we felt like we were in The Shining. I glanced at the menu and all it had was a couple of burgers. Authentic Amish? Needless to say we were creeped out and left.

After eating some food in the metropolis of Reading, PA we headed down to Blue Ball to visit the Flower and Craft Mart. IT WAS AMAZING. Rows and rooms of decor, baskets, papers, stickers, etc. I was a bit overwhelmed, and as I did not have any new particular projects in mind (I'm very backed up) I only allowed myself to purchase some frosting (for this), a white plate (for this) and a bucket for Peyton's stuffed animals.

Next it was on to Lancaster, where we were staying at the Lancaster Arts Hotel. I would never be able to stay somewhere this nice in a major city like DC or Philadelphia, but in Lancaster it was possible =). After checking in the rain finally subsided so we headed downtown on foot where we discovered most of the shops to be closed for the evening. We did stumble upon Friday Night Music at Lancaster Square, which featured some really good bands, crepes, drinks, and a group called Junkyard Junkies sponsored by Music For Everyone (who had put pianos out all over the city to promote music "for everyone").

After watching the breakdancers and musicians it was to dinner and then back to the hotel for the most sleep I've gotten in AGES! I slept till 10AM!!!!

Then on to Central Market in lancaster, pretty much your typical Amish Market like in Germantown or Annapolis. But of course so much better because you are actually in Amish Country.

We then left Lancaster and drove to Intercourse, PA where we visited the Kitchen Kettle Village, and took a 5 mile ride on an Amish Buggy! Pretty country out there.

Things I didn't know about Amish Buggies:
*They last about 15 years
*The horses are retired (2-9 years old) race horses bought at auction by the Amish

The Kettle Village didn't have much shopping that impressed us, so we headed to the outlets in Lancaster before leaving town. I always regret going to outlets as they are pretty much a waste of time. I feel you can get the same stuff at the mall, for the same price. Seeing as I don't get to the mall much though, I was able to get myself a shirt and a pair of shorts, and Peyton a shirt.

Excellent quick trip!!!!

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