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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Early Projects

Below catalogs some early projects I did when pregnant with P, or even before. I've also got links to some "improved" versions I would do next time. I think I'll put these in piecemeal so here's part one.

My First Silhouette Cuts
All you need is paper, a frame, and a Silhouette!

I made these letters that hang over my mantel with 8" 3D cardboard letters from the craft store, fabric which i cut into various scraps, mod podge. I used white paper (or you could use paint) on the sides to create a shador effect. Hot glue and ribbon loops and they're ready to hang on the wall.

Wooden letters, paint,glitter, embelishments,hot glue to create a pretty bow holder! I put a wooden shape at the bottom to add weight. Also doubles as a "ponytail rubberband" holder.

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