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Friday, June 17, 2011

Awesome Products

Ok so here are the awesome products I promised.

Cardboard can organizer's- Better than anything I've seen in the store...available here (set of 4 for $12)

(Through JULY 15 you get 10% off any order with the coupon code "CRAFTS")

New editions of  table topics (available at bookstores- $25) include questions to ask and  conversation starter sets  "Dinner Party," "Girls Night Out" and "80'S"

Rorschach In Color...I want some...$16 from Uncommon Goo

Scratch Map available from Uncommon Goods here $24

Also from Uncommon Goods, this is a great way to savor the funny things kids say, $19.95.

Like and Dislike stamps from ThinkGeek....great for teachers...if they were allowed...

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