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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Old Projects Part II

Redskins Tutu (Currently being worn by a piggy bank)
So I saw some awesome tutu's at a store in SC (Clemson Ones) for little girls and absolutely fell in love with them. They had ribbons and sparkles (the picture below is not really good, but note I took the traditional tulle and also added "ribbons and sparkle"). The one at the store was $40. I was not going to pay that much for a tutu P would wear 3-5 times so I set out to find a way to make one, and I did.

Remember the vinyl stickers I promised?

Clothesline Photo Ceiling Trim
Just nail a ribbon every 3-5 feet along the wall, and use clothespins (you should probably decorate the clothespins first) to add a photo border to any room.

An EXTREMELY old one, circa 2001.
Just a piece of wood, a photo, paint, glitter, paint pens, stickers.

Touches of color

I spray painted the bookcase (once purple) that I used as a child to match my daughter's pink and green room. I also bought white shelves at Ikea ($3 each as opposed to $12 pink ones) and spray painted them pink. I added little green dragonfly accents to the windows using crayola window markers, and a simple stencil that had come with another kid related item I had purchased along the way.

Name Sign
A block of wood, pretty paper, spray paint.

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