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Monday, June 6, 2011

I Dream of.....a Craft Room

This is what I'm currently working with. It's not so pretty. It's a tiny piece of my spare bedroom.

There are two things about it I like though.
1 is the repurposed cd/dvd storage tower on the right, which works great as a basket holder for my dollar store baskets that contain items such as "things that cut" and "things that are adhesive."
The second is my $3.99 wall pocket, from the childrens section at ikea. Now I'm not a fan of Ikea furniture only because I got a complete bedroom set there for my first rental in college, and each peice preceded to fall apart one by one shortly after the disaster that was assembling it all. But their kids stuff and decor stuff? Awesome.

If you catch that it's a sewing machine on the bottom right under the table, you are correct. It is not something I plan to use again, at least for a very long time. Me and this machine do not get along.

Below are some craft rooms AKA Mom Cave's that I've found and admire. For when I buy a house in 2012.

I like this three tiered storage

Office Schmoffice

I'm Willing to settle for a closet...

I've already got the dollar store bins and baskets!

The other side of the Mom Cave


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