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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kid Stuff

Today first a project that I created to capture my daughter's weekly growth, and then one of HER first projects.

During my pregnancy I found this awesome idea to make a photo book with a photo for each week of her first year. I found several versions, with most of them being fancy "computer printed" albums. I wanted this one to look more "homemade" and have my husband help as well. You could also have an older sibling help. So I used the classic medium construction paper, and had my husband HAND WRITE the weeks on the side of each page. To bind the book I used a hole punch and ribbon.

Sad that stores no longer sell the traditional "paint with water" books that I remember having as a child, I used the classic construction paper medium again, and handed P a paint brush dipped in water. (She is still at an age where I need to dip the brush in water for her, otherwise she will drink and/or spill the water).

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